Limited Run Santa Fe Stock Cars from Accurail

Accural has six new kits for November release. First up is a limited run of a Santa Fe (AT&SF) 40’ wood stock car. The three number set for lists $42.98. Their regular multi-pack releases are a Great Northern (GN) Canton Car Company 55-ton twin hopper car three number set for $39.98 (available as singles for $13.98 each) and another Santa Fe (AT&SF) offering in an 89’ TOFC three number set for $42.98 (also available as singles for $14.98 each). They’re also releasing three single cars. A Detroit Toledo & Ironton (DT&I) 50’ exterior post steel boxcar for $14.98. A Great Northern/Western Fruit Express (WFEX) 40’ plug door steel reefer for $15.98. And lastly, a New York Central/Merchants Despatch (MDT) 40’ steel reefer.